Share Your Passion by Volunteering

Share your passion for animal welfare by volunteering.


Volunteers are the backbone of any nonprofit volunteer organization. While NNPP has accomplished much in a few short years thanks to the dedication of a handful of board members, we are growing rapidly and need your help.    

During this start-up phase leading to design and construction, our most pressing needs are support-based. We do not have an office so all of our work is “virtual” and done online or by telephone.    

Once the shelter begins operation, there will be many jobs for hands-on volunteers.    

Please consider giving us some of your time to support animal welfare in the Northern Neck. We can promise a rewarding and flexible experience with enthusiastic fellow animal lovers. Help make a difference in your community!    

Volunteer time is needed to: 

  • maintain our records  
  • update and thank new donors and members  
  • make phone calls  
  • update the website and social media  
  • support mailings and marketing  
  • assist with special events and fundraising  
  • monitor and respond to the NNPP email 
  • help with public education, research, and community outreach    

And if you have specialized skills in finance, business, construction, fund-raising, research, writing, or volunteer management, we would especially LOVE to hear from you.     

If you are interested, please don’t wait! Many hands will make light work of the tasks ahead. Please contact us at    

We know everyone has busy lives. So even if you cannot be an active volunteer, please support the cause of local animal welfare by advocating for the humane treatment of pets. Promoting spay/neuter, pet identification, rescue, foster homes, and adoption within your circle of family, neighbors, friends, and colleagues will raise awareness and help us help vulnerable pets.        

The question is not, can they reason? Nor, can they talk?  

But, can they suffer? 

—Jeremy Bentham 1748-1832