Lancova Partners for Pets, doing business as Northern Neck Partners for Pets (NNPP), is an advocate for the compassionate treatment of homeless pets. Organized by concerned citizens and incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit animal charity, our mission is to provide humane care, veterinary services, and adoption programs for homeless dogs, cats, and small mammals.

Our focus is to build a no-kill animal shelter and adoption center to provide a secure environment where homeless pets can live without fear, hunger, or needless pain and suffering, while they wait for forever homes. Privately funded and operated, we will make every effort to find quality homes for adoptable dogs, cats, and small mammals at no cost to our local counties.

The four Northern Neck counties have public-funded facilities, operated through each county’s sheriff’s department, and run by animal control officers, who are county employees. Their resources are constantly strained by the demands of a large overpopulation of dogs and cats. This is caused by animals allowed to roam, pets that are not spayed or neutered, lost or discarded hunting dogs, neglected or abused animals, and abandoned pets.

Our small county shelters struggle to keep up with the influx of homeless pets. Not enough staff. Not enough room. Not enough money. Not enough adoptions. Sadly, some of these animals end up being euthanized, and many were healthy, well-behaved, loving animals who could have ended up as wonderful pets in forever homes.

With this shelter,
we can assure that this
euthanasia of healthy,
adoptable, treatable
animals ends.

Missy the Rescue Cat

We are deeply grateful for the support of the Animal Welfare League of the Northern Neck (AWL), and we’re proud to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with this strong, publicly-respected non-profit. Established in 1965, their work focuses on spay-neuter programs, placing animals in foster homes, re-homing animals through adoption, and relocation to no-kill facilities in more densely populated areas with higher adoption rates.

However, AWL does not have a shelter, so our facility will provide a much-needed outlet for many of the animals that are under their care. Our missions are in perfect harmony to help the animals of the Northern Neck.

In 2018, NNPP hired Bay Design Group for permitting, shelter specialists DWG Architects/shelterplanners.com, and shelter fundraising expert Leslie Hervey. Progress is being made!

If you want to end animal suffering and the sad deaths of lost, sick, and abandoned pets in the Northern Neck, please help us financially reach our goals.

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